Your eTariff Solution Center

Quite simply, Venus Tech offers the premier solution for your entire tariff filing requirements with the FERC. We offer the fastest and easiest way to submit your filings electronically, in compliance with FERC Order 714 for public utilities, natural gas pipelines, oil pipelines and power administrations. Our eTariff software takes the worry out of your filings.

Services (FERC eFiling)

Venus Tech analyzes your filing needs and provides quick solutions to submit tariff filings at FERC. As part of the filing procedure we will create the filings and generate pre-validated XML based on your needs, and we do so with the vast insight and knowledge of a company created by former FERC systems consultant. Unlike the rest, our solutions are powered by the safety and security of the Microsoft Dynamic Cloud and offer a more streamlined and cost-efficient solution model. The choice is clear.


eTariff (FERC tariff Filing):
Our powerful and progressive tool, Venus eTariff requires absolutely no software downloads. We offer the best quality in the industry, comprehensive customer service and consultation and a pricing model that no one can match.

FERC - MBR Database:
Venus MBR Database tool requires absolutely no software downloads. Our SOA (Service oriented architecture) integration saves time and cost for the companies.


Our powerful EQR (Electric Quarterly Reports) filing tool requires absolutely no software downloads.

FERC - Industries

  • FERC - Public Utilities and Power Marketing Administration

    Venus eTariff will help you achieve compliance under Parts 35 and 300; full automation is a tool you can longer be without and with Venus eTariff, thanks to our safe and secure cloud framework, there are absolutely no downloads required and no software costs.

  • FERC - NGPA 311 Natural Gas Pipeline

    Venus eTariff offers swift and easy filing under Parts 154 and 284; we offer safe and secure 24/7 access and our comprehensive status tracking means you can verify tariff status at any time, no matter the workload.

  • FERC - Electric

    We offer the support to create all 26 sets of sections, and our Rich Word interface allows you to edit and create Rich Text Format (“RTF”) content at one-tenth the cost of our competitors.

  • FERC - Oil pipelines

    Venus eTariff solves your Part 341 tariff issues with a single mouse click over the web and there are absolutely no hardware installations and zero maintenance costs. No one else can offer that.

  • FERC - Intrastate gas pipelines

    Streamline electronic filing under Part 284; you can do this with our full filing services support and consultation and next-day implementation and training plan.